Heike Siegel

I spent years traveling Europe as a sales agent for India knitwear manufacturer until I discovered how a simple approach formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook and began teaching it to RMG exporters. 

My background as an in-the-trenches salesperson led to the formula which became my best-selling online training course Easy Enter Academy for garment exporter. 

I believe anyone can use the power of their own uniqueness to connect better with customers and compel them to take action. They just need to be shown how.

So that's what I did. I've worked closely with high-volume green factories, buying houses, agents and marketing managers alike to turn around sluggish sales results. Apparel exporter all over the world have used my techniques to skyrocket their profits and grow their businesses at record pace. And now these techniques are available to you inside Easy Enter Academy.

My passion has become helping capable garment exporters to connect with European retailers, brands and importers that need them to increase sales, grow businesses, and expose the hidden talents of garment exporters.

A little about me: Can be found in Hamburg, Germany together with husband Jürgen. Embarrassingly obsessed with our dog, Lila. Can‘t get enough of agility sports. Speak a few silly sentences in Tamil.

Talk soon,



The best way to reach Heike Siegel with any questions is to email

I will respond to your message within 3 days, but usually much sooner!

I'm available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PT. If you contact me outside of those hours, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I LOVE hearing from you and celebrating your progress. 

Whether you finally got a meeting from your #1 fashion retailer on your list, feel so happy because finally more and more buyers start to respond back, you just opened an email with your first new order-sheets inside, or you grew your number of customers faster than you ever thought possible — I want to hear your wins BIG and small!

Celebrating you always,


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