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The only program you'll ever need to grow the number of your customers from Europe that support your export business for years to come. Including company introduction templates.

Easy Enter Academy for garment exporter is the proven system that guarantees you grow the number of your customer, RMG importers in Europe and open doors quickly and directly so that you can create a steady stream of orders, shipments, and revenue every single season. 

397 €


What if you could take your sales emails from bye-bye to must-buy? From overlooked to order? ...  All with just a few powerful tweaks that take under 48 hours? Here's the mini course with email templates that'll get you thinking like a brilliant garment exporter. 

This is the start that will signal to the right buyers that you're a hot pick for producing their orders.

129 €


A Mini Workbook with a home-hitting structure for connecting with garment buyers on LinkedIn. Love examples? Includes a roundup of my favorite connection invitations - with styles you can steal. (No one will ever know)

So that they accept, want more of you and flock over to your profile.

27 €


You have a single issue, and you want my ears and eyes open. You’ve got a company introduction, profile, website, or other piece of writing that’s not converting. For instance, you need to turn your blah company introduction into when-can-we-meet or please-quote-this-article action.

I’ll give it targeted content, word, image changes that resonate with European garment buyers and suggestions to make it way more powerful, persuasive, and precise. I’ll do a whole speed review,  and walk through the notes with you.

147 €


The best way to reach Heike Siegel with any questions is to email

I will respond to your message within 3 days, but usually much sooner!

I'm available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PT. If you contact me outside of those hours, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I LOVE hearing from you and celebrating your progress. 

Whether you finally got a meeting from your #1 fashion retailer on your list, feel so happy because finally more and more buyers start to respond back, you just opened an email with your first new order-sheets inside, or you grew your number of customers faster than you ever thought possible — I want to hear your wins BIG and small!

Celebrating you always,


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